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432 Hz • A=432Hz • A 432Hz Music

The Anticipated New 432Hz Music Standard,

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  1. ANANDA BOSMAN’S NOTED ITALIAN BOOK ON THE 432Hz music revolution, with an Introduction by DJ ANDREA DORIA. DOWNLOAD HERE:


“A”-Tune at A=432Hz

= 440hz minus 32 cent

Join the A 432 Hz

Music Revolution

The 432 Hz archive was formally on the website, from 2000AD onwards, until hacked in 2009. A=432 Hz Music With 256Hz Synergy

Please Link THIS SITE when quoting from its pages, including the Universal Dances page. 

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NOVEMBER 2014 Ananda Bosman’s brand new album DEEP STATE is NOW here, after 4 years in the  works, FINALLY MASTERED, this quintessential work of deep music from Ananda is available.

A completely different kind of music style. This one is for deep states of consciousness & meditation. A double CD that takes you on a highly specific harmonic journey.

With deep touching melodies that sweep the soul which is encompassed in new sounds & effects on a myriad of scales.

Attuned & organized by sacred geometrical principles, & even more interrelations of 8Hz, 432Hz, & UFOM than ever before.

All at the coherent cardio rhythm tempo when the heart is in compassionate love in the ECG — 72PM. Its a new Experience. HERE for your Experience

SatyAMRtA is a new album Ananda has been creating in 2014, going into a completely new musical adventure, the packed full double CD, is being mastered for 2015.

  1. Bullet Finally after 16 years, an Apple 432Hz application for Itunes in 432Hz. (Apple AAC, better than the music killing MP3. There will be audio loss in conversion. True 432Hz effect needs 44,100Khz/16 bit minimum {or better}) HERE

  1. Bullet After 2 months BoOM 432Hz 1st mastering of the set is ready. To be published as ENTHEOS ESSENTIALS

  1. Bullet Psytrance 432Hz: The Psychedelic Trance 432Hz Music Revival! BoOM 432Hz

AUManoid & Ananda Bosman are working on a new A=432Hertz set tentatively called BoOM 432Hz

  1. Bullet 1st Time News — A=432 Hertz Music in Global Manifestation. 432 Hz Tuning the NEW Trance Music “‘Esoteric’ Tuning”.   HERE

A=432Hz is becoming the NEW Music Tuning Standard: 432 Hz Tuned Artists World-Wide

The C=256Hz & A=432 Hz Music Article/booklet PACKED FULL of Key Details

from 2003 is HERE

NEW AUMEGA REVOLUTION ARTICLE JUICEY DETAILS from 2003 Finally ONLINE... Go to the New NEWS page, for Reviews, Reports, &

Latest 432 Hertz NEWS.

Scientists, Musicians, & Mathematicians, from the Classical Music World, met at the Kamperton Symposium 432Hz

The December 21st 2012 Global 432Hz/8Hz Link-Up was a Success. Bravo to Everyone Sending Compassionate Love 8Hz Signals to the COSMOS on Behalf of Mankind, linked in 432Hz/8Hz Dance & Parties


For Evidence on Compassionate Love effecting biology, read the papers of HearthMath Institute, their objective studies.

For 8Hz the science papers of Dr. Andrija Puharich.

For the most Archaic & Post-Modern Mythos power of

432 & 432,000 HERE. Modern Myth in the Making


A 432 HZ MUSIC REVOLUTION envisioned over 16 years ago by Ananda Bosman, founding the 1st historical popular Music tuned at A 432 hz, together with DJ NKI.


NOW the vision is manifesting, as HUNDREDS of new musicians are retuning their compositions to 432Hz!


Ananda Bosman, having first publicly spoken about the necessity of applying 8 Hz and 256/512 Hz harmonic music to rave music, in 1992, (432 Hz in 1994) — 14 years ago (2000AD), Ananda searching the internet for other pop musicians tuning to A=432 Hz, found a vacuum — there were no popular musicians tuned to 432 Hz on the web!!!

The first 432 Hz pop concerts were made in Berlin, in 2000 (held by Ananda Bosman, with DJ Nki and DJ Cybersnack, using the 1998 1st compositions, hosted by Elraanis magazine; & then with Universal Dances 432Hz, I-II [Berlin, 2001-2002], followed by Universal Dances 432Hz, III Open Air [Switzerland 2003])

The NOW on the horizon "Global Song-432" as a global concert of unified concerts tuned to 432hz, as envisioned by Ananda Bosman, is starting to germinate, as a fusion of artists compose ONE SONG globally, together, amidst a “Global Concert-432”, in Earth Grid Points.

Calling ALL heARTists into Musical Manifestation of the A 432Hz Music Revolution

A Revolution is LOOMING.

The hundreds upon hundreds of musicians that are retuning to A=432 Hz, is the first glimmer of a new harmonic 432Hz Music Revolution that will transfigure musical culture on this planet, with HeART.


"THE GLOBAL SONG-432HZ FOR 'COSMIC CONTACT'" envisioned 17 years ago by Ananda Bosman in 1998, is coming into fruition for the ripe time of the first Cultural Artistic Attempt to use Harmonics of Music like F=432Hz/C=256Hz, as the Language of Communication with Intelligences of the COSMOS. Earth Online to the Galactic Disco Tek

Are You Ready

to A-Tune to

A=432 Hz Music

&/Or Equal Tempering like 256/512Hz

With 8Hz

in the

AUMega Music Revolution?



Ananda Bosman is the leading headline of this issue of ‘Scienza & Conoscenza’, THE leading Science & Consciousness magazine in most Italian Newsagents.

Riccardo Tristano Tuis’ interview with Ananda is the feature 6-page article of this 32nd issue, on the pineal gland.

The AUMega Music Revolution’s 8hz and A 432 Hz, is implicated therein. 432 Hz Music makes every one Feel the Art.

Read it in Italian HERE

Heart of the Revolution: A=432 Hz Music — 432 Hz = 440 minus 32 cent (or better)

Site of the High in demand A=432Hz Music by the Founder of modern Popular & Electronic 432Hz Music

With, the English language Web Site for 432 Hertz Music Tuning

Over 16 years ago (1998) Ananda Bosman founded the first modern popular 432Hz Music Revolution (Omega/AUMega 432Hz Music Revolution), composing music also in harmonic tempos, like 144 BPM, 8 Hz, & a new form of Sound Mastering using Sacred Geometrical Number Harmonics, called UFOM: Unified Field Overall Mastering, in addition to the A 432 Hz tuning.

Now the Vision is manifesting as 100’s upon hundreds of musicians are meanwhile retuning to A=432 Hz.



  2. BulletExtensive Science & Cosmology behind the AUMega Music Revolution

  1. BulletDJ NKI and Ananda are again in cooperation. Please visit HeartPHIre for NKI’s recent 432Hz advancements. OMEGA-432 Hz was first Initiated in Berlin by Ananda Bosman with DJ NKI & DJ Cybersnack. The first popular music electronic A=432 Hz OMEGA432Hz Party in 2000AD

  1. BulletANANDA IS Working on several new A=432 Hz albums. A Psytrance Album entitled ENTHEOS ESSENTIALS with AUManoid; A new ambient album within the AUMbience series... and “Deep State: AUMedi-432Hz” is NOW Available in December 2014. AUMfolding. The double CD SatyAMRtA, a completely new 432Hz/8Hz sound adventure, is being mastered for 2015 release, to be joined with Sirius Horizons and AUMega Dawn, all, of course, in 432Hz, under development.

  2. BulletAlin Karna, is working on a new A=432 Hz album, after release of “Providence”. Read more HERE. This Album will debut in 2013/2014 with completely New Songs to the Providence mentioned on the link

432Hz • A=432 Hz • 432Hz Music

Ananda Bosman’sAUMega Music Revolution 432Hz’, by Riccardo Tristano Tuis, is featured in this edition of Nexus Magazine, Italy. HERE

Some NOVEL STRIDES for the


THE 1ST book on the 432Hz subject, by musician Riccardo Tristano Tuis  (Archangel), published by NEXUS Magazine Italia. This book is so thorough & complete in the A=432 Hz music science, & well researched.

A veritable GOLD POT for publishers in English. HERE


ANANDA wrote a detailed introduction for Riccardo’s book on A=432Hz. Read it here in its original form, NEXUS magazine Italy, cut it short.

Here is the TRUE original as it was written. Packed with interesting details on  this harmonic music revolution.


An Extensive Article on the 432Hz Music Revolution, Published in Edition #23 of “Scienza e Conoscenza”, the noted Italian Science Journal.

The Article Summarises & Combines Ananda Bosman’s      432 Hz Research with Additional Research of the Author, DJ AD.

Our scientists have measured that ONLY the full 432Hz & AUMega Harmonics come across in  44,100Khz/16bit (CD Quality) format (MUCH lost in MP3, it cuts out low frequencies including 8Hz... 70% or more is Lost). 432 Hz Music MUST be in the Highest Quality possible for macro coherence. Ananda’s Concert’s are at the ultra high quality 96,000Khz & 192,000Khz/24 bit. will soon be hosting downloadable 44,100Khz/16bit versions of Ananda Bosman's CD's & Other Artists tuned at A 432hz.

Ananda Bosman interviewed by journalist Korinna A. Muller on the

“New Universe & The A 432 Hz AUMega Music Revolution


LA=432 HZ — A=432 HZ

432Hz  8Hz  A 432 Hz music

432Hz Music  432Hertz music

A=432Hertz — LA=432Hertz

for the BoOM 432 Hz Music Horizon

A=432 Hz Universal Dances in PORTUGUESE

UNIVERSAL DANCES 432HZThe Most Plagiarised Article on the A=432 Hz Subject on the Web (2000-2001) Here & here. & the Original Site 2000-2001 HERE


Elraanis magazine article by Ananda Bosman on "Universal Dances" & A=432 Hz, in 2000 AD

Universal Dances 432Hz 2002, Ananda Bosman:

Essential Keywords: A=432Hz  A=432 Hertz  432hz  PHI-Music  432hertz  432  8Hz  432 Hz  8 Hz  8 Hertz  Golden Mean Music revolution  A=432 Hz Music  AUMega-432Hz  Omega-432hz  UFO Music  Guitar & Keyboard Equal Tempering 256Hz/432Hz Music  Sierpinski Triangle Tetrahedron binomial 256Hz/512Hz Music  merkaba merkabah merkavah  A=432 Hz  dmt shamanism  tantra brain-sex 8Hz/432Hz music  8 cycles per second ELF music  Pascal Triangle 256Hz  Circadian Heart Love 144BPM  72BPM  108BPM  Spirit-432  Extraterrestrial Ultraterrestrial 432Hz Music  Global Concert  Global Song 432Hz  Global Song A=432Hz  Global Concert A=432Hz   432Hz/8Hz Compassion  Compassionate Love Music  Ananda Bosman  New Age A=432 Hz Music  Ananda-Emmanuel  Ananda M Bosman  Hadronic Physics & 8Hz Music  Hadronic Mechanics 432Hz Music and 8Hz  ETI ET 432Hz Contact  Galactic Centre Music  Global-Song-432  Global-Concert-432  La=432Hz  F=432hz  La=432 Hz  La=432Hertz  DJ Ananda-Emmanuel   f=432 Hertz     432  four-three-two   512Hz    512 Hz    512Hertz   512 Hertz   256Hz   256 Hz   256Hertz     256 Hertz   C=256hz   C=256 Hz   C=256Hertz   C=256 Hertz     C=512Hz   C=512 Hz    C=512Hertz    C=512 Hertz   8 cycles per second    8Hertz  144 Beats Per Minute    72 Beats Per Minute   108 Beats Per Minute   Omega432Hz    AUMega432Hz    AUMega432Hertz    432 tuning    432 musical tuning    432 Hertz Music tuning    432,000     4,320,000   4,320   A=432,000Hz    A=432,000 Hz   A=432,000Hertz   A=432,000 Hertz music    Ananda MJ Bosman   Trance-432    Psytrance-432 Hertz   Trance 432 Hertz   144Hz    144 Hz    144Hertz    144 Hertz   Ø^2     36°    36Degrees 36 Degrees   DNA Music   Genetic Music    DNA Tuning Music 432 Hertz    DNA Sound    DNA gometry    Sierpinski Triangle music    72 pulse of the cosmos    72BPM cosmic heart beat    8 Hz = Hydrogen constant (universal)    Universal Dances    Global Song     Global Concert    Global Concert for ETI Contact    Global Concert for Cosmic Contact   Interdimensional Music    Aetheric Music    Healing Music     Music that Heals   Music for wellbeing    Wellbeing Music   Wellbeing Sounds   Healing Sounds   DNA Healing music   ambient music   ambient   new age music    new age healing music    trance music    melodic trance    symphonic trance    symphonic melodic trance     Boom-432   BoOm 432 Hertz   Goa Trance432 Hz 432hz 432Hz A=432 Hz A=432 Hz Music

Essential Keywords: A=432Hz  A=432 Hertz  432hz  PHI-Music  432hertz  432  8Hz  432 Hz  8 Hz  8 Hertz  Golden Mean Music revolution  A=432 Hz Music  AUMega-432Hz  Omega-432hz  UFO Music  Guitar & Keyboard Equal Tempering 256Hz/432Hz Music  Sierpinski Triangle Tetrahedron binomial 256Hz/512Hz Music  merkaba merkabah merkavah  A=432 Hz  dmt shamanism  tantra brain-sex 8Hz/432Hz music  8 cycles per second ELF music  Pascal Triangle 256Hz