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Life-long musician, artist, & visionary thinker, lecturer, & researcher, Ananda is the Founder of the modern 432 Hz tuned popular music revolution.  He has assisted and appeared in such cinematic films as Jan Kounen’s: “Other Worlds”, and Jean Michel Roux’s: “Journey Into The Invisible World”.

Ananda has performed concerts with his powerful vocals & lyrics, in over 9 countries, with his new universal harmonic music.

Composed as a combination of golden elements, including 8hz, equal tempered tuning, circadian harmonics, the golden ratio & related numbers, and harmonic tempos — Ananda has created at least 4 distinct New popular music styles:

  1. Bullet“AUMbience”: various new Ambient (AUMbient) music styles, with 72 bpm & 108 bpm tempos

  2. Bullet“AUMega Trance”: diverse Trance music styles, including Melodic Trance, & various completely new classical melodic trance calibres pioneered by Ananda, generally set at 144 bpm, or 216 bpm

  3. Bullet“AUMchoas”: a new fractal calculated music based on chaos fractal equations, with a tempo of 36 or 54 bpm

  4. Bullet“AUMedi”: Ananda’s novel expansion of New Age & Cafe Del Mare lounge chillout music styles, into a new pedigree.

In 1998/99, Ananda created the very first popular music compositions tuned at 432Hz, in modern history, within the Berlin studio of DJ Cybersnack (see below).

His first released 432 Hz Live album, “Universal Dances Live II”, was published by Elraanis Verlag, Berlin, in 2002, as a double set CD, including DJ NKI’s vol I.

For the first time in modern popular music, Ananda’s 12 songs utilised ALL of the principles that define the golden ingredients of the AUMega Music Revolution compositions.

Set at 144 bpm, La=432 Hz, 8hz harmonics, and Sierpinski pentahedron golden ratio and DNA numbers, this professionally recorded Live performance of Ananda to an audience of hundreds of people, took everyone by surprise.

This was followed with 8 full CD's of his compositions from 2004-2007.

NOW, Ananda’s much anticipated new two musical CD’s have been professionally produced to new heights. Released in May 2010:

  1. Bullet“AUMbience Of The Heart”, and

  2. Bullet“AUMega Music Revolution: AUMega Trance Vol. 1” 

Instigating the AUMega Music Revolution during the 1990s, & pioneering the very FIRST 432Hz modern popular music, he now works with numerous musicians such as:

  1. BulletArchangel” (Metal Band, Italy)

  2. BulletFlavia Vallega (Opera & Jazz star from Italy)

  3. BulletDJ NKI

  4. BulletDJ Andrea Dorea

  5. BulletAlin Karna, “Spelt Like This”, of ExTraterrestrialUK

  6. BulletSascha Gerstner (‘Helloween’), Markus Dörnberger’ 432hz project

  7. Bullet Gunther Lindmeier,

  8. Bullet Bobby & Marianna, Media Art Group, Germany

  9. Bullet& soon by other artists (to be announced)

in making this powerful harmonic music revolution a global reality, in the popular music scene.

Utilising his knowledge and expertise in Pythagorean sacred geometry, and coherent brain biofeedback, Ananda's musical compositions use the harmonic sacred ratios of sacred geometry like the golden ratio (PHI), and the Sierpinski pentahedron, to compose an entirely new plateau of electronic music, that is also groovy and VERY danceable in the mainstream music world, already having a “cult following”.

Ananda was the instigator of the UNIVERSAL DANCES paradigm of concert and seminar symposiums (art & infomatic art-infotainment, set in Germany and Switzerland, 2001-2003... These infotainmant events, starting with the May 2000 Omega 432Hz Dance Party, as a Universal Dance preview, in Berlin, became the first 432 Hz based modern concerts. He was joined by musicians like:

  1. Bullet Kailash

  2. Bullet Nina Hage

  3. Bullet Goma

  4. Bullet Talking Tree

and has worked with DJ's like:

  1. Bullet Cybersnack (“Rebels From The Source”)

  2. Bullet Andrea Doria (“The Beauty Of Silence”)

  3. Bullet DJ Aje (“Soma Agents”), &

  4. Bullet DJ NKI (“Omega” [2000AD])

together with speakers and visionary leaders like Jasmuheen and other pioneers of visionary free thinking. 

Universal Dances 1 (2001), and Universal Dances 2 (2002), took place in Berlin and were organised by Elraanis Verlag.

Ananda's ideas on the AUMega Revolution were printed in the German magazines Elraanis, Integralis, and Sein (Berlin), during the late 1990s and into the Millenium.

Ananda figured in the song Goa-Trance song “OMEGA, by DJ NKI  and Cybersnack, which climbed into popularity in the Goa-Trance charts in the first half of the year 2000.

Publicly first speaking about the importance of 8 Hz and 256/512Hz harmonically tuned music being applied to electronic rave music and culture, in 1992 (Weisbaden), in proposition to musician Kailash, who was playing at the interim of the lecture. And publicly speaking on 432 Hz in August 1994, thanks to the work of Jonathan Tennenbaum and co, with a plethora of classical musicians spearheading the 432Hz musical tuning in the modern classical music world, for years before.1

Dj Cybersnack & DJ Nki, May 2000, as DJ’s in Ananda Bosman’s Berlin presentation on the AUMega Music Revolution using 432Hz & 144 BPM


The trance song, “Omega”, was born from Ananda’s instigation within the Berlin sound studio of DJ Cybersnack, during Autumn 1998/99 (a meeting instigated by DJ NKI).

Within this Cybersnack studio meeting (apart from recording of Ananda’s “sound bytes” of visionary ideas that became mixed into a variety of Trance artists compositions), Ananda instructed DJ Cybersnack to retune his equipment to 432 Hz and then to produce a universally tuned sound carpet octave from 144 Hz.  This became the foundation of the song “Omega”, also at 144bpm, including Ananda’s sound bytes, and released in Spring 2000, by Dj N-Ki.

This 1999 compositional sound carpet composed of the tones of a full octave starting at C-144 Hz (keyboard tuned at 432 hz), according to Ananda's instructions, was to mimic a harmonic sound carpet utilised by the Tibetan Buddhist monks to achieve weight change of objects (as observed by Swedish scientist, Dr. Jarl). And whose harmonic series were expanded by Captain Bruce Cathie in his harmonic research — became the 432 Hz sound carpet, and begun using in his multimedia presentations throughout Europe, including in Dark Room retreats, in 1999.

It is Ananda's vocals that are featured in the sound bytes of this popular psychedelic GOA trance song. Also DJ Aje's "Soma Agents" features Ananda's voice, and 144 bpm tempo.

Ananda composed his first song “All-Oneness” in 2001, at 432Hz, 144 BPM, and 8 Hz harmonics.

Ananda's first CD was published by Elraanis Verlag in Germany, in 2002, as the highlights of his Universal Dances II concert... Since then Ananda has vastly expanded his musical composition skills into new heights, gaining international attention. With 8 CD's of these new compositions now published and distributed throughout europe, and now two additional professional CD’s made available to the public.


Ananda, was first featured as the lead singer in the songs "One" and "Light My Flame" composed by Danish artist Jesper Nielsen, 1991-1992.

These songs were aired on Danish Radio Unicorn and Radio Nye Tider in Denmark.

In 1994 Ananda co-wrote several songs with Swedish musical singer Meja Beckman (best known for "All ‘Bout The Money"). 

Having heard endless musical melodies in his being since he was a child, music is second nature to Ananda, with a continuous flow of music pouring through.

At the age of 9 he wrote a piano song “set the school ablaze”, whereby rebellious children were taken by extraterrestrials to tour other worlds, and came back to earth to establish gloal events, concerts, and transformation.

In England, he had his first band "Genetics" at the age of 12 with Dylan Jones (son of Kenny Jones the drummer of The Who, The Small Faces, and Rod Stewart and the Faces), in which he was guitarist and lead singer... And continued to write songs and music for the majority of his life, on guitar and piano, and writing lyrics in his spare time.

Ananda received the inspiration for the AUMega Music Revolution, with tuning for A=432Hz and harmonic tempo's such as 72, 108, 144 BPM (beats per minute), and 8Hz harmonic panning, in January 1997, following years of previous visionary research in Sacred Geometry and Sacred Number Harmonics of the heart coherent cardio-rhythms (HeartMath Institute), brain (alpha hemi-synch: 8Hz), DNA (golden ratio and helical nucleic acid twist ratio), and transient through creation (Keplar geometry, hadronic hyper-symmetry, Sierpinski binomial dynamics).

Read an overview HERE

Having appeared in films by:

  1. Bullet Jan Kounen (famous for "Doberman" and "Blueberry: A Taste Of The Forbidden," the latter to which Ananda assisted on the special effects), and

  2. Bullet Jean Michel Roux ("The Thousand Wonders Of The Universe" & "Enquete sur Le Monde Invisible"

with cinematic showings of these movie appearances ("Other Worlds" and "Investigation Into The Invisible World" respectively) — Ananda has been invited by these film directors and producers to compose film music for their forthcoming motion pictures.

Ananda Bosman won the 2007 Marcel Broodthaers Foundation Award (of the leading Belgium artist, poet, film maker) for his song “Love Staara”.

Ananda holds a visionary perspective for a global musical harmonic revolution and "Global Song-432Hz", where each respectively linked concert and artist is tuned to the same harmonic tempo’s and 432hz/256hz tuning, using the harmonics of the DNA, the universe, and sacred geometry. As a Via Media of planetary transformation, through global cultural artist events that are cybernetical linked via satellite & the internet — ‘mankind “online” with the galactic disco tek.’

-Ananda Bosman

1. The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel: The Interuniversal Perspective for the Unity Of Diversity. 1999, Aton Publishing Edition, sponsored by Dr. Dieter Brauers. Pp 198-199 holds a 1994 overhead transparency graph, showing “Earth used to be tuned to A 432 Hz”, also visible in video recordings of mid 1990s seminars. Pp 610, “The Odin Star Ship” page of the February 1997 “Christ Grail’ newsletter by Ananda is reproduced, states “with the note A 440hz, having once been 432 hz.”


“A” TUNE 432Hz — 432 HERTZ


The AUMega  Music Revolution uses the harmonic equal tempering tuning scale of C-256Hz...

By tuning at A=432Hz.

Whilst every component of the music utilises 8Hz coherent principles, & harmonic tempos of Sacred Geometry

All materials copyright © 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 Ananda M.J.A. Bosman. All rights reserved

5 cubes tilted at 72° to each other on the y-axis comprising a dodecahedron.

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