Presented here are scanned copies of several German magazines that covered the first 432hz modern music event.


German version of ANANDA’S ENGLISH “UNIVERSAL DANCES”, first web published 2000 HERE

This magazine features Ananda Bosman’s ideas on the A=432 Hz music revolution, as well as coverage of the 432hz Dance and Multimedia Event held in Berlin. With the song OMEGA 432Hz, being introduced, and DJ Nki and DJ Cybersnack acting as the musicians that held the ambience of the entire information side of Ananda’s presentation, followed by the Omega-432Hz Dance Party

INTEGRALES MAGAZINE Band 1, September 2001

Covers the Universal Dances I A=432 Hz Music event, envisioned by Ananda Bosman, and co-ordinated, organised and planed by Herbert Reinig. Hundreds of people attended this event, which featured the 432Hz harmonic music revolution.

At this point, 2001, Ananda still referred to the 432Hz/8Hz harmonic tempo music as the Omega-432 Hz Music Revolution (to become AUMega Music Revolution). Here Ananda’s harmonic research translated into German.

During the 1990s, Joga Dass, played in numerous seminars of Ananda Bosman, and directly began to apply to his special form of music, the principles of musical harmonics like 8hz. Joga Dass was one of the early alternative musicians to join the Omega-432Hz Music Revolution team, eventually to include A 432 Hz music tuning.


Universal Dances II, was to be a unique event. Ananda Bosman having had the foresight some 6 months before the event that a new constellation amidst his colleague would require him to compose a full set at the keynote of the event.

On the Sunday, Ananda Bosman made a completely surprise concert, which swept the event away as young and old danced for hours on the New Sounds of AUMega Trance, that Ananda managed to compose using pure 432.000Hz, 144bpm tempos, loads of 8hz, and other harmonics. Guiding the audience in song, mantra, and song speech on the AUMega Music Revolution.

The following is a transcript of what was really an Inspirational Singing Speech, and Speech of direct and instant inspiration with no preparation, and SUNG in poetic rap, in harmony to the New A=432Hz AUMega Trance Music of Ananda Bosman, taking the audience higher and higher into a fever pitch.

In Berlin, Sein Magzine published this article on Ananda Bosman’s 432Hz Omega Music Revolution, MAY 2002

ONLINE Elraanis magazine article by Ananda Bosman on "Universal Dances" & 432hz, in 2000 AD

ONLINE Universal Dances 432hz 2002, Ananda Bosman: