The MOST plagiarised Article on the 432Hz subject on the web

Yet since its publication in 2000 AD (and expanded in 2001), it has been the KEY article that inspired and seeded the modern popular A=432 Hz music movement.

The data, figures, and numbers in this article have been repeated and repeated in copy cat mode ever since, then, in countless articles over the worldwide web.

You will find a mirror of Ananda’s original 2001 page (that sat for years on the website, before it was hacked in 2009), envisioning the AUMega Music Revolution, in its original form


The updated version, will eventually return on this site, along with major articles on the LA=432 Hz AUMega Music Revolution. The German version scanned from hard copy media is HERE

The Original is now back up, after the 2009 Hack of the website, you can now find it at its original site from 2000, with updates in 2001 onwards:

Universal Dances 432Hz