San Marino 432 Hz8Hz


This was a great 432 Hz weekend event organised by Giorgia Gaia of Jean e La Plastique.

Ananda Bosman presented a series of brand new slides on 432Hz (hundreds of new multimedia0.

Not since “The God Code: The Mathematical Evidence for All Is God,” given in Autumn 2000 AD, by Ananda in the Ecumenical Centre of Unity, Schweibenalp, Switzerland, where THE leading edge 432 Hz slides were shown — has Ananda given such a detailed overview of the 432Hz sacred unified filed number construction of our universe, reality, and body.

Now available ad hoc to the UNIVERSAL TEMPERING new movie by Ananda Bosman.

Universal Tempering is the NEW Tuning. Dfault is comes with Berlin 432/8Hz Novemeber 2015 Preentation. For Italians San Marino can be given instead. A combo package is also available of both, for those who want the complete information. Ananda Speaks English Only. There is German and Italian translation respectively.


The San Marino 432 Hz Seminar/Concert with Ananda Bosman, AUManoid, Giorgia Gaia (Jean é La Plastique), Zu, & Marco. September 2016