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Ananda Bosman’s new album DEEP STATE is NOW here. After 4 years in the  works, FINALLY MASTERED, this quintessential work of deep music from Ananda is available.

A completely different kind of music style. This one is for deep states of consciousness & meditation. A double CD that takes you on a highly specific harmonic journey.

With deep touching melodies that sweep the soul which is encompassed in new sounds & effects on a myriad of scales.

Attuned & organized by sacred geometrical principles, & even more interrelations of 8Hz, 432Hz, & UFOM than ever before.

All at the coherent cardio rhythm tempo when the heart is in compassionate love in the ECG — 72PM. Its a new Experience.

HERE for your Experience

8Hz & 432 Hz: The New Universal Tuning


The detailed and graphic packed article, giving a clarifying overview, documenting the health benefits in well-being, healing, and coherence of 432Hz and 8Hz Tuning.

Detailed graphics in this article reveal the extraordinary nature in which the tuning, number, and geometry of 432 and 8Hz, composes ALL of our body, life supporting environment, space and time, and the architecture of our galaxy, as well as the landscape of compassionate love in action.

Stay “A”-Tuned to the C-Tone cascade Parabolic Hyperbole of the 8Hz C=16Hz; C=32Hz; C=64Hz; C=128Hz; and C=256Hz, where the “A” Tone is precisely between 427 & 435 Hz ergo 432 Hz. C=8Hz as the Hydrogen coherent ordering tuning of the universe — gølden HeArt Tuning in Via Media the DNA to the Cosmic Heart-Mind...

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Ananda Bosman’s unique new sound adventure. Complimentary to “Deep State” with 72bpm, joining the A=432 Hertz musical tuning, the 8Hz, and UFOM Sacred geometrical numbers on ALL scales, WITH FURTHER NEW EMBEDDED LEVELS OF THESE HARMONICS.

In this larger than double CD musical creation, Ananda explores completely new musical ground, where he has never ventured before. The predictable angelic Deep State style, now goes into organic and universal landscapes of totally new ADVENTURES of musical exploration, for deep states of consciousness, meditation, rumination, and inspiration.

Composed in 2014, completed 2015. Only a limited download release is available to our strict 432Hz fanS. Final Master in 2016-2017, will also be shorter.