The AUMega 432 Hz Music Revolution uses the number harmonics of the Sierpinski triangle sum row values (like 8 Hz and 256 Hz), and the Sierpinski pentahedron numbers (also the golden ratio numbers evident in the DNA) — on all levels of musical mastering.

This we term Unified Field Overall Mastering (UFOM).

Thereby, self-embedded self similarity that is binomially recursive, in harmonic series, is the underlying unifying operator, enabling a new effect in music, and a greater density of instruments concurrently, and in harmony with each other.

Forms of the Manugala Yantra, a sub Yantra “device” of the AUM Meru Yantra, archaic Pascal & Sierpinski triangles. 9 interlocking Manugala Yantra’s comprise the AUM Sri Yantra, or AUMkara

Utilising Sierpinski manifold numbers in the Do (tone C) scale from C 8Hz to Do 256 Hz (“A=432 Hz”, or La=432 Hz), and using Sierpinski Pentahedron numbers & Golden Mean numerals in the tempo (like 72 BPM, the heart cardio-rhythm in love) — the 432Hz Music Revolution, in its true AUMega form, advances the coherence and quality of music (especially when studio quality sound is made available to the end user [UPDATE: the, music platform is making this available].

We also use these harmonic numbers in every component of mastering, whilst 8 Hz is set in most of the instruments and drums in numerous ways.

The Sierpinski Triangle is considered to be one of the best examples of self-embedded reciprocal order and fractal form.  It directly relates to AUM Harmonics used in the 8Hz/432Hz AUMega Music Revolution.

Random number generator studies were surprised to find the Sierpinski triangle appearing from random numbers.

“When… seen for the first time, the viewer cannot believe his eyes. We have just witnessed the generation of the Sierpinski Triangle by a random generator.

“All the more astonishing as we had always considred the Sierpinski Traingle to be a classic example of structure and order.

“In other words, we have witnessed how random chance can generate an absolutely determinstic structure… Nothing in nature is by chance.”

—Dr. H O Peitgen, Bausteine des Chaos, Vol. 1, Chapter 6. University of Bremen

In the proto-Vedic super culture of the Sarasvati Valley (some 11,000 years in antiquity, according to the New Delhi museum), one finds the geometry of Sierpinski both in Yantra form and in pyramidal Fire Alter chronomonitors (Agnihotr). These are a KEY in 432Hz Tuning in archaic times.

Numerous forms of the Manugala Yantra are clear examples of archaic Sierpinski and Pascal triangles.

The Father of all Yantra’s is the Sri Yantra, which itself is composed as a hyper-Sierpinski of 9 interlocked Sierpinski triangles.  It has been implicated in science to a 27 dimensional hadron hypersymmetry (see our online book The All-One Hadron Materia (AOHM).).

In its 3-dimensional form it is called the Meru Prastara, and which is a Sierpinski octahedron, or Sierpinski Pyramid, time measuring geometries found in the 11,000 years old archeology of the Sarasvati River valley culture (Pakistan, and Rajastan). Keys to OMega 432Hz Music.

Both Meru Prastara and the Sri Yantra are nominated as the AUMkara, or universal Heart-Mind Computer, described in the Sri-Mad Bhagavataum Visnu Purana (one of the literature bodies of the 5th Veda, one of 36 books that accompany the 4 prime Vedas, to comprise the complete body of 40 Veda books).

Tonographer sonic signature of “AUM” is the Sri Yantra AUMkara

Dr. Lawrence Blair showed on a tonographer (a medium sensitive and reactionary to sound waves, showing their sound wave form signature), that a Monk resounding “A”, then the following “U”, and completed by the “M”, constructed the Sri Yantra geometry...

First 8 spheres, forming into an 8 Petal Lotus, itself surrounded by a 16 petal lotus (following Sierpinski manifold: 2-4-8-16-), and then the 27 lines of the 9 Sierpinski interlocking triangles completing the 44 micro-triangular array.

As the ancients ascribed to the Sri Yantra the AUMkara, described to be the universal ordering machine, or universal computer of ‘Silent Sound’ AUMNADA, modern science has rediscovered the sonic wave form shape of AUM in sonic media.

Hence, the AUMega Music Revolution uses the Sierpinski harmonics in its overall tuning. And which once again goes on line with the complete 12 tone octave scale music cone (the symmetry of our solar system Keplarian symmetry), in golden mean proportion, to cascade forever into the universe,  through the complete overtones of creation, and fractally resonate with the cosmos...

Thereby, mankind going “on-line” with the galactic disco-tek [& Universal Dance Floor of Universal Tempering, via 8Hz & 432Hz Tuning, with circadian tempo’s like 72 bpm, 144 bpm, 216, and 288 bpm].

The Buddha-Kaya, or “Buddha Body” is clearly defined as one of harmonic sound, based on both the golden section AND the 9 Sierpinski triangles interlocking overlay.  Holds secrets of AUMega-OMega 432Hz Music Tuning.

Thus, the Buddha’s are sphere harmonics, or compositions of coherent sounds, reciprocal to the DNA’s helical 36° coiling, and the coherent fractal nature of the universe.

In the above analysis, the grid constructing the Buddha-Kaya is formed upon the golden triangle (72°), and the pentagon (whose cascade is 36°).

Thereby, the DNA’s 72° of double helical twist per base pair of 4 coding nucleotides, is encoded. Seven 72° golden triangles chart the golden spiral whose transience is so coherent as to have infinite recursion: forever. The Golden Immortal principle of the universe.

Our seminars present in-depth keynote multimedia animations of these principles in an utterly unique and novel manner.

Here is a bare minimal glimpse.

See how the Buddha Body is also the Sri Yantra hyper-Sierpinski musical scala of 9 interlocked Sierpinski triangles:

The underlying fundamental particle hypergeometry in light of the novel new science called hadronic mechanics and its hyper-relativity are explored in our web book The All-One Hadron Materia (AOHM).

Ananda Bosman, June 5th 2009 [AOHM Link updated January 2014]

This page will be updated and expanded, including with references

Ananda Bosman, 2000 AD, in front of the 108 (3x36 & x4 = 432) pillared Meru,

with 54° angle (54x2 = 108 [x2 = 432]), Ankhor, Cambodia (site visited in 1998/99. For harmonic number analysis including those of the Rg Veda astro code system)

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Why The “AUM” in ‘AUMega

432Hz Music

By Ananda Bosman

Friday, 5 June 2009 [2017 updates]

INTRO: The answer is simple. The Sri Yantra AUMkara sonic signature produced by the trinal sounding of “A-U-M”, as recorded by Dr Lawrence Blair, is composed of 9 interlocking Sierpinski Triangles.

The Sierpinski triangle and Sierpinski pentahedron are the foundation of AUMega Music, and are the organisational geometry of the universe.

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