Ananda’s Introduction To The 2010 432Hz Book

with Scientific References for the A=432Hz Music & 8 Hz Tuning Revolutions

ANANDA’S INTRODUCTION TO THE “432HERTZ MUSIC REVOLUTION” book of Riccardo Tristano Tuis. A General 432 Hertz Music Introduction with Science References

Detailed references on the medical effects of A=432 Hertz AUMega Music in HEALING 27 ORGANIC DISEASES; 8HZ and its effect on you. The vision of the 432Hertz AUMega Revolution... Revealed.

NOTE: The present Nexus publishing, Italian translation of this introduction has been vastly reduced. Here is the FULL original introduction. In 2006 Ananda authored the 1st book on 432Hz.


Here lies an adventurous project, and important venture, indeed. Riccardo Tristano Tuis (“Archangel”), has managed to captivate the essence of the uprising harmonic music revolution in a nutshell, that encompasses the vast complexity involved in a singular and understandable manner for the general reader.

He is to be commended for this noble effort, in which complex musical principles, that lie at the heart of what we have termed the harmonic 432 Hertz AUMega Music Revolution, are conveyed to the reader in a readily absorbable manner that inspires comprehension of these vital principles, to become the inevitable standard of our species music of the looming future — a metamorphosis now well underway.

Well thought out in comprehensive subject sections, and finely graphically illustrated for added cognition, this book marks the beginning of a new literature field of harmonic music science and artistic culture.

This is the very first effort in true book form, emerging from Italy, on this notably novel subject to emerge in the entire world!

  When we first envisioned the harmonic AUMega Music Revolution in 1996, to utilise harmonic tuning like 432Hz and 256Hz, and other key and important harmonic structuring13, applied throughout each musical composition and grafted into modern music — we were envisioned to see this as the means for a new form of technology for global cultural events.

Whereby, harmonic music, utilising coherent transcendental principles such as the golden ratio, would not only create a new experience of sound in the experiencer, but would also enable coherent effects to the audiences’ nervous system, health, well-being, and increased creative cognition-inspiration.

Whereby, the documented alpha rhythm (8Hz) bi-lobal hemispheres of the brain are synchronised into maximum creativity. And, as documented in the many science papers we have of Dr. Andrija Puharich (that added momentum, objective evidence, and understanding to the harmonic 432Hz AUMega Music Revolution), actually have been objectively measured to induce healing in the human organism (empirically documented).11

We utilised the sacred numbers we found to comprise our 1994 computer models of the new inter-geometry (now under the new nomenclature of iso-geometry), modelling interdimensional inter-symmetry (for example between the cube and the hypercube).1

Remarkable precise frequency research upon cells and the remission of 27 organic diseases was already engaged by Dr Puharich during the 1970s-80s.10

Whereby the precise frequencies (and their associated cascades), that we utilise in the 432Hz AUMega Music Revolution, have been studied with intricate precision, in their effect upon biology, with overwhelming results on the remission of diseases, and other important effects.9, 10, 11

The foundation of this is already well set in the science record and, thereby, became immediately apparent for direct use in our music revolution design and development, in 1996.

We, thereby, set out to found this totally new field of harmonic modern music in the public arena, beginning in 1999, and encourage all musicians to begin to utilise these age old and universal principles of sound resonance, that underlie the very fabric of the harmonic arrangement of this universe.13, 21

Dr. Wolfram’s Rule 90, emerging from random number generation

Whilst we have lectured and written extensively about this since 1999 (including an internet pseudo-book), here lies the first true book on this subject to be published in the global literature community, embodying the independent research effort of Riccardo Tristano Tuis, par excellence.

Whereas, classical musician Jonathan Tennenbaum founded the use of the harmonic equal tempering scale tuning based on 432Hz and 256Hz within classical music,21 we were to found this into modern electronic and popular music.

In 1998/1999 I worked together with Dj Cybersnack and Dj Nki and instructed their production of the first 432Hz tuned modern music song that calibrated each individual tone in an octave from 144Hz to 288Hz, and a modulating F tone. First described and implicated in the measurements taken in Tibet by Swedish scientist Dr. Jarl, who measured harmonic effects of sounds utilised by Tibetan monks during the 1940s2, and further described and mathematically formulated by New Zealand maverick scientist researcher Captain Bruce Cathie.3

This led to the first popular A=432Hz music song “Omega”, in Goa Trance style, which incorporated this 144Hz octave, with each individual tone calibrated in precise harmonic ratio, with a best approximate tempo at the time of 144 beats per minute (featuring our vocals), which climbed high in the European and Goa-Trance music charts during the year 2000.

Shortly after, unfolding from this, within the composing of our own songs, we perfected a  harmonic “sacred” number system that we call Unified Field Overall Mastering (UFOM), within the mixing of all our songs, applied to every level of instruments, drums, and effects in our compositions. 

Which utilises the golden numbers, the Dr Puharich healing frequency cascades, and other key principles, some of which are described in this book.  The sacred numbers of musical ratio, akin to those of sacred pythagorean geometry, and those embodied in the 5 Platonic solids of symmetry.16, 18

  These harmonic numbers of the Unified Field Overall Mastering combine with the 432Hz PERFECT tuning, as well as the harmonic tempos that follow the heart’s cardio-rhythm measured during the onset of coherence, or the focus of compassionate love, pioneered in the novel studies of the HeartMath Institute, with Dr. Robert Rollie, Dr Rollin McCraty and others.8

With surprising results, which include medical recoveries, and measurements with hospital equipment showing increase in cellular health, not surprisingly, cardio-rhythm coherence, and strengthening the central nervous system (these and other results are still to be published, pioneered by Dr. Nicola Limardo [], and others. Dr Limardo has given filmed public testimony on his research of Ananda Bosman’s 432 Hz AUMega Music and its direct effects on health and wellbeing).

This lead to our founding the very first musical events called Universal Dances 432Hz, in Berlin, during 2001-2002, and Universal Dances 432Hz Open Air in Switzerland in August 2003, which were the first concerts to utilise 432Hz tuning, harmonic tempos and the other harmonic components of the 432 Hertz AUMega Music Revolution, in modern musical history.


Now, Riccardo, via “Archangel”, is the first metal music application of these principles, which are being followed by a growing number of musicians, including other metal bands. And this form of music is now being called “heart rock”, as the natural progression from “hard rock”, due to the effect of coherence on the heart, similar to the measured ECG (electrocardiogram) of the heart at the moment of love.

The principles of common harmonic tuning and compatible harmonic tempos in multiple concerts, will enable global concerts to be linked through the internet and other communication technologies, into what we have termed The Global Song-432Hz (envisioned in 1996, and first properly described by us in public events in 1999).

Such global cultural events, utilising the harmonic principles described in this book, can enable the musical arts to expand into a new medium of experience uniting mankind and various cultural musical styles into new heights of synergy, potential and cognitive cybernetic artistic unity, with far reaching consequences.22

In the early 1990s then, the HeartMath Institute documented that the heart’s rhythm during love produced a golden mean cascade of coherence in the magnetic fields it generated, which also entrained the brain into the same golden ratio and coherent bi-hemisphere synchronisation (8hz alpha rhythm). The golden cascade amperage peaked at 8 cycles per second in these studies.7, 8


By utilising the frequencies and numbers associated to the measured coherent cascades in the heart’s cardio-rhythm during the onset of love, done by the HeartMath Institute, beginning in the early 1990s,7, 8 it is not surprising that the AUMega Music has a well defined health effect on the cardio-system.

Dr Rollin McCraty and Dr. Glen Rein of the HeartMath Institute optically tested and measured evidence that the effect of the heart, as a piezo/sonic laser ECG field of love, was measurable in increased coherent weaving of DNA helices, and effecting a magnetic entrainment in a tree 200 feet away, measured by an ELF coil, reflecting the same parallel golden ratio cascade as measured in the heart at the same time, which also entrained the EEG (electroencelograph) of the brain in the same golden mean ratio, in simultaneous power spectrum analysis.7

Herein, the toroidal magnetic fields generated by the heart’s 7 layers of heart muscle,4, 5 were observed to order into the golden mean cascade, as a piezo-sonic laser, when the pilot focussed compassionate love, ordering the magnetic field cascade of the 7 toroidal fields into the golden proportion, which entrained the brain’s EEG into the same golden ratio ordering, and 8hz bi-hemisphere synchronisation. These principles are utilised in the A=432Hz AUMega Music Revolution compositional songs.

The many hours of coherent ECG sampled data demonstrated that the centre frequency ratio of the cardiac electricity is 1.618 Hz, the golden ratio: Ø, having further coherent modulations that are harmonically and geometrically important between 1.42 Hz and 2 Hz. Note that 1.618 is also the golden ratio of the DNA’s height of 34 ångstroms and width of 21 ångstroms (34/21 = Ø).21

Also, since the DNA helix rotates 36° (Ø2) per every sugar-phosphate subunit holding the nucleotides of the genetic code, and this is exactly half the pentagon rotation, a self-similarity is evidenced between the DNA sub-unit and the golden proportion.18 As it is mainly the golden ratio that allows complete information geometry to cascade, mirror-to-mirror, along the harmonic series without loss of power, information, or geometry, as above-so-below, these findings were very significant.

These are the precise harmonics used in the A=432Hz AUMega Music Revolution compositions.

8Hz Iso-Tetrahedron Wheels & Ø^2 golden cascades from Heart at Love

These studies clearly showed that the golden ratio of the heart’s cardio-rhythm in love, entrained the brain EEG in the same harmonic series, cascading from 8 cycles per second as the peak.7, 8


Furthermore, as Dr. Glen Rein, of the HeartMath Institute demonstrated, the DNA is healed by the same harmonic entrainment in the heart as well.6

Dr. Rein trained pilots in the art of biofeedback, whereby the ECG, placed with electrodes on the chest of the pilots, would enable the individual to have a biofeedback computer screen readout of their heart’s cardio-rhythm. As the focus of “compassionate love”, or universal love, instilled magnetic field coherence.6, 7

Dr. Rein took DNA and heat treated it so as to cause the double helix to uncoil, verified by a fluorescence reading. He then had the trained pilots who could uphold the focus of compassionate love in their ECG and EEG for an hour, to focus on the “dead” uncoiled  DNA sample.

Another fluorescence reading of the DNA showed that the DNA double helix had recoiled from its dead uncoiled state back to its living resonant woven state by the pilot’s focus of coherent heart electricity, as the DNA double helix shares the SAME golden ratio symmetry as the piezo/sonic magnetic coherence lasers produced by the heart in focused compassionate love, through biofeedback. Thereby, the dead DNA was resurrected to its living resonant form.6

The 432Hz AUMega Music Revolution utilises the harmonic symmetry numbers of the DNA throughout its Unified Field Overall Mastering in each composition, leading to the potential new field of true DNA resonating music of life, by the harmonics of the heart in universal love.

This coupled to the findings of Dr. Ary L. Goldberger, demonstrating the 1000 levels deep FRACTAL complexity of the heart’s cardio-rhythm, operating as a “non-linear” “Attractor Field” with “non-local” attributes (beyond 3D), holds great significance, in their implications for the AUMega Music Revolution, in perhaps resonating between dimensions of axiomatic symmetry, by resonance of utilising these transcendental harmonics.14


Furthermore, the harmonic AUMega Music Revolution utilises the underlying principles of the universe, such as the Sierpinski triangle numbers, which have been found to be the underlying reciprocal order of the flow of air molecules, and in random number generation13, as the underlying harmonic structure ordering of the universe.13, 21

These underlying principles includes the harmonic symmetries discovered in the periodic table of elements,15, 19, 21 and in the planetary symmetry tuning and arrangement of our solar system, expanded from Keplar’s initial geometrical models of the planets.17, 18, 21

With the Global Song-432Hz utilising these harmonics, the artistic vision can become very real in realising a cultural attempt to make contact with the cosmos.

What better way than to link mankind in the harmonics of universal love through global music events. Utilising harmonics that inspire and instil coherence (heart ECG in PHI) and creativity (brain EEG, in 8Hz — the very best of mankind), on a global level, in global concerts linked together, and then to broadcast this as a signal into space — mankind as all-one universal heart, united by the music of love, culturally signalling to the “cosmic intelligence”.

Hereby, utilising what the great psychologist Dr Carl G. Jung called the “ultimate archetype” of the species, the UFO, as the penultimate object representing the “externalisation of the psyche (soul)” and “interiorization of the body,” in his final book “Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth Of Things Seen In The Sky” — these novel and archaic harmonic musical technologies may be used as the alchemical cybernetic tool, together with our post modern Information Technologies, to bring about this realisation. For Dr. Jung, in his final work, the UFO is the ultimate archetype of the species, now emerging.

The Global Song-432 Hz ETI Contact Concerto, is an example that we ourselves are propagating with great zeal, as it is set in stone at the very beginning of the inception of modern music…

Thereby, utilising the modern music mythos inspiring such heavy weights as Elvis Presley, John Lennon and the Beatles, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and Robbie Williams, amidst others, who each claim to have experienced the Extraterrestrial Intelligence and UFO.

All these key founders and holders of the sternum of the modern music argo, claim inspiration, or “contact”, with the UFO, or extraterrestrial intelligences.20

It is our inspiration to utilise this musical mythos to create the next level of the 1960’s Summer of Love “Flower Children” revolution and Live-Aid, by utilising the harmonic sonic principles of the A=432 Hertz AUMega Music Revolution into a planetary linked Global Song-432, as the means of a cultural artistic effort to attempt to make “contact” with Other intelligences within our universe, or beyond.

This would be the first cultural artistic global effort, by mankind themselves (not by elite scientist representatives of mankind), to make such an attempted contact, by broadcasting the Global Song-432 into space, with coherent interactivity between each individual member of the species, through the harmonics of universal love.

At the very least, it will groove as a cultural and artistic event that will not only be fun for everyone, it will be a new artistic and cybernetic experience, even if there is no response from space, or beyond. An event looming in our musical future horizon, for our species.

With the above said, I am very excited to hand you this book with great recommendation, for it holds many keys to a very exciting and coherent future for mankind.

This book and project is to be commended for making available for the first time in concise form a coherent body of data, which can be directly applied in the musical research fields and wellness music of the next generation of musicians, artists and for the cultural and individual benefit of mankind at large.

This book cannot be taken lightly, I heartily congratulate Riccardo for this tremendous and diligent effort, forwarding mankind onwards online with the cosmic discotheque symphony of creation..

To the Musical Revolution of the HeART, and the heArtists co-creating this universal orchestration of the All-One Heart Music.

In Golden Via Media.

~Ananda Bosman, 9/9/09

(Founder of the A=432Hz AUMega Music Revolution. & 1st Popular & Electronic Music in 432Hz):  [& the Music Platform, now in inception]



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The 2002 CD Universal Dances 432Hz. Featuring Ananda Bosman’s LIVE performance


copyright © 2009, by Ananda MJ Bosman