NEW ANANDA BOSMAN VIDEO (HD) ULTRATERRESTRIAL 432 HZ: Although skimming on the 432 Hz music Subject & 8Hz, along with mankind’s future — this presentation in Rome, on the founding day anniversary of Rome, April 21st, 2016, may be of interest to some.

The Ultraterrestrial Presence, should interest everyone, as it relates to mankind’s future. For those esoterically inclined (not everyone’s taste), visit the distinct separate site dealing with these & other subjects: http//

In the 432Hz & 8Hz Context, the Ultraterrestrial Presence relates to the Global Song/Concert 432Hz/8Hz for Cosmic Contact. A series of global artistic musical events where the artists & culture of mankind signals contact with Cosmic Intelligence.

Some details on the golden proportion, 8Hz, & 432Hz in relation to more esoteric subjects. Some of the latest hadronic physics discoveries. Santilli telescopes of the Global Concert 432Hz for Cosmic Contact may have prime importance. Information on Healing, personal, & planetary, solution to the radiation problem etc.

This is also semantic art, & a facet that has inspired, been the Numinous Muse, behind the 432Hz/8Hz Music Revolution (AUMega/OMega 432 Hz Music Revolution, as Ananda dubbed it since 1998).