A=432Hz — The Music of Healing & Well-Being


Has the secret of healing been found? Is there a common denominating principle at the heart of different genuine healing traditions? Have scientist measured these? And can these principles be used in the form of a new music for therapy, relaxation, to inspire well being?

Indeed, remarkable discoveries have been made, by innovative and visionary scientists. In the fields of the science of the heart, DNA, and brain wave activity.

This goes BEYOND just A=432 Hertz music tuning.

Scientists and physicists, like Dr. Andrija Puharich, measured genuine healers from diverse spiritual and cultural traditions,.

Whether Kahuna of Hawaii, Catholic, Christian, Native American, African, Aborigine, Peruvian, faith healers, Hindu, or shaman's the world over — all the real effective healers he analysed, regardless of faith, were found to release a frequency of 8 cycles per second or 8 Hz, from the brains, and to entrain the brain waves of those being healed, inducing a form of "self healing".

Furthermore, some of these healers hands, were found to change water, by leaving a signature of 8hz within the laboratory water, which held this cycle for several months, consistently. Sub harmonic frequencies in water electrolysis by 8Hz also contained the 432Hz within its music cone signature from 360Hz for the floor to 720Hz for the ceiling of the cone resonant signatures.

Ananda Bosman has furthermore, pointed out that the universal hydrogen atom has a nuclear magnetic resonance of 8Hz, and has called this universal tuning — as hydrogen is in every cubic cm of the universe, 90% of the universe and 92 % of our bodies atoms) — UNIVERSAL TEMPERING. The dialectical resonance of water is 8 cycles per second, which is life.

Scientific Pitch was established to be the consistent scientific tuning, in harmony with the universal constants, with an A=432 Hz, more than one hundred years ago.

Furthermore, scientific medical studies, recently published have also shown 432Hz classical music heals a majority of psychiatrical syndromes in a mere 18 months, with the control 440 Hz classical music having zero effect. 

3 years of studies of Ananda Bosman’s specific AUMega/Omega 432Hz Music, by CERN scientists also working at the Italian Ministry of Health, Dr Nicola Limardo, demonstrated remarkable medical effects of some specific 432 Hz/8Hz compositions of Ananda Bosman. Enabling AUMega/Omega 432Hz Music of Ananda Bosman, to be legally labelled “medical grade” 432 Hz music.

  Over the years, Dr. Andrija Puharich cured 27 organic diseases, in tripple blind studies, by using a specifically biologically tuned 8Hz frequency.

One secret of healing revealed.

  Each human being's DNA molecules duplicate themselves at a frequency of 8Hz. And 8 cycles per second is the alpha brain wave frequency by which the two brain hemispheres are entrained, in moments of maximum creativity and inspiration, as well as Tai Chi and mediation.

Scientists from the HeartMath Institute, in the USA, discovered that when the measured heart beat of those focussed in compassionate love peaks, not only does the coherent cardio rhythm organise into the harmonic geometry of the golden ratio, but the EKG peaks in amperage of 8Hz! Hereby, scientists have discovered that healing is compassionate love in action.

Since 1998, we have developed a new music that use these healing science secrets, and others, to inspire a new music revolution. Called the A=432Hz AUMega Music Revolution, is not only the first modern popular music to be tuned at the revolutionary 432Hz 12 octave scale, rather than the more limited 8 octave scale standard of 440Hz, but utilises 8Hz and its harmonic multiples in every possible manner in our music compositions, as well as drum beat tempos, that are in tune with the circadian pulse of the body and organs, for a whole new extension of the healing arts through sound.

Technical measurements by noted Italian scientist, Dr. Nicola Limardo, have found impressive effects on the biological system, in terms of the music's healing properties, which include 432 Hertz tuning.

Using the harmonic Pythagorean musical and geometric principles in mastering the sounds, the overall soothing, inspiring, healing, and uplifting qualities of the music are made complete.

Two kinds of music have been mastered, both of which are also groovy. AUMbience 432 Hertz, as a novel form of ambient sound, his has become a favourite amongst therapists, who play this music during their therapeutic sessions, as well as amidst ambient lounge lovers alike. A new class of ambient music that is music for the soul, body and wellbeing, and lifts the Spirit.

Whilst, AUMega Trance 432 Hz, holds powerful dance music with exact harmonics to empower and uplift the dancer, and the area of the dance, with coherent arrangements, dancing the healing Earth sounds.

With Universal Dances 4323Hz I (2001) to III (2003), the first glimmers of the music of healing in mass celebrative events gave demonstration towards the Global Song-432Hz and Global Concert-432Hz for Cosmic Contact, where the language of the universe, biology, the intelligence of compassionate love, consciousness, genetics, and sacred geometry, dance together in synergy.

The musical science of healing is here. TUNE TO A=432 Hz NOW, and be part of the 432Hz Music Revolution!

WATCH, an Mp3 AUMega Trance-432 Hz Song of Ananda Bosman here [note, short version of an 8 minute song, and 70% of the healing effect is gone by Mp3 compression, as measured by our scientists.


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