432hz AUM~discography (2002-2010)


432 hz = 440hz minus 32 cent:

go from 8 to complete 12 octave sacred geometry tuning of the universe & transient “beyond”

8Hz + 432Hz + 72/144bpm = aumega music

The 2004 432Hz Trance classic, including “Miramora”; “Nasatyas Rising”; “Andromeda” & “Molykula”

2005 432Hz Trance classic, including “Ananta-Ananda: ‘Infinite Bliss’” “Angels Angirasas” & “Purusah”

The 2004 432Hz Ambient classic, including: “Star-72”; “Arayavaya: Aqua Vitae”; “Pasu Deva”; “Takama”; “Visvakarmanamh”; “SivAgni”; “Galactic Cloud”; “Melatonins” & “Abh Vam”

The 2006 new 432Hz classic, including: “Apas Napat”; “Rau-Mannus”; “Deva Devine”; “Via-Media” & “Omni-Temporal Prana”

The 1993 studio recorded classic, with Kailash’s didj and instruments, & Ananda Bosman’s guided neuro-cybernetic meditation journey uniting absolutely all opposites, in this ExTra-ordinary Numinously guided Emmanuelian technique, that appears to be a variant of the Ati-Yoga secret precepts of Arcane Buddhism

The 2006 432Hz “Dark Room Suite”, hallmarked a new avenue of compositions in two volumes, also introducing the new AUMchaos style. Most of the songs, along with some AUMedi songs, were specifically composed for the 2006, 16 day Dark Room Retreat pilots (light isolation, switching on the pineal gland’s “endohuasca”: endogenous Ayahuasca). Including: “RU”; “Thogyal”; “AUMpenings”; “Annuette”; “Santaru”; “In-PHI-nity Realms”; “KAos” & “CowAus”

“AUMbience II: Dreaming Mind Translator”, 432Hz, released in 2005, compiled older (2004/05) & new experimental ambient songs, including: “DMT: Dreaming Mind Translator”; “Faruna (2004)”; “Galactic Dream Scaping”; “Pusan Zoom”; “Baesta Lauding: AUD” & “Sal-Taru”

AUMEGA Trance III, This very limited 432hz, 2007 release, included the great melodic Trance songs: “Unicorn”; “Moon Flower: Laksmana”; “Vajin”; along with non-vocal “ECCO: Earth Coincidence Coordination Office”; “Nasadaya”; & finally the 2004 “Dovation”. Songs like “Moon Flower” & “Vajin” were massively enhanced, expanded, recompositions of 2004 songs only heard in the powerful concerts

Ananda’s “The Soma Conspiracy”, is one of his Magnus Opus.

First published in 2 editions in 2002, the 4th edition of 2004 added several chapters on the scholarly botanical identification of the “Soma” plant through academia & etymology.

This monumental book (672 A4 pages), remains way ahead of its time. Integrating neuroscience; ethno-pharmacology; the Rg Veda shamanic hiero-botanicals & star mathematical code of the psychonauts; sacred geometry; the shamanic botany of the Gospels; genetic science; superconductivity; sound alchemy; neuro-cybernetic navigation, & healing of diverse ailments, in 1 book.

In regards to the AUMega Music Revolution, this book is filled with the harmonic sound science, empirical studies on 8hz, sound alchemy formula’s for DNA music, and explores the Sacred Numbers of AUMega Music in a wide-array of themes demonstrating the transient harmonic alphabets that compose creation, in ways not found anywhere else.

The official edited 5th edition, will have many chapters edited out & restructured for a larger audience. Thereby, vacant of the alchemical tracings of the 4th editions cabalistic gold mine.

DISCOGRAPHY Since 2004 — in private & underground circulation

LONG AWAITED - HERE IT IS, the 1st professional CD production made entirely by 432hertz.com. May 2010. People are ranting that they cannot get enough of these CD’s

THE EAGERLY ANTICIPATED new professional production 432Hz Trance CD, May 2010. A new standard of quality. New songs 2008-2010 that push the envelope on new musical expansions

Ananda Bosman’s “Universal Dances” CD, was published by Elraanis Verlag, in 2002, from his Live Universal Dance II AUMega Trance music performance that took everyone by surprise.