The award winning Love Staara, has become one of Ananda’s all-time classic Numinous Love songs, and favorites of audiences.

Its moving 432Hz melody in ambient tempo of 72bpm, building  into a crescendo of a wide variety of drums, from hip hop, trance, ambient, trip hop, Indian, techno-shamanic, and co, into a groove that moves the heart.

Ananda’s  poignant voice vocalising these powerful lyrics of the ultimate all-time Love, a journey of the heart through the lands of the Universal Love Affair.

The song evolved out from the 2003 Star-72, over the year maturing into its elegant Divine Valentine nature.

Recording the vocal lyrics of Ananda’s vocal songs Atharvan, ECCO (with Flavia Vallega), and the Award Winning LOVE-STAR. These vocal recordings will have the compositions re-mastered & join additional vocal tracks, like Molykula: Somahuasca, into a forthcoming AUM-Vox 432Hz album.

Many new vocal songs are in the works.

In Studio April 2007

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